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In nearly natural sites

1. Agricultural Sciences 2. Application of the humanities 3. Business 4. Engineering 5. Liberal arts 6. Natural science 7. Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences 8. Natural resources . Application in the Colorado State University (Colorado State University), through the online application easier. Standards and requirements on how to apply for admission online as well as some tips can be found on their website. Colorado State University (Colorado State University) is located in Fort Collins, Colorado, U.S. Dream City a visible view of the mountains, a huge far University. It has four campuses: the main campus, campus mountain, the foot of the hill on campus, and the campus agriculture, expanding to more than 5,000 acres of land. Colorado State University (Colorado State University) in this scenic area, you will plan every weekend, there is always some outdoor fun. More than 150 newly enrolled students can choose which university to university courses in the following academic programs: In nearly natural sites, students and visitors can enjoy nature skiing, mountain climbing, cycling and picnics in the mountains. Colorado State University (Colorado State University) is of course, more than just a scenic spot, it is also considered to be the best research centers statewide. Its advantage including biotechnology and engineering sciences. In fact, the University was recently awarded more than $ 300 million in research funding. Admissions and Financial Aid