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Week one of this four week program

You'll learn about keeping yourself safe and healthy, and maintaining the health of your plumbing clients, as well as how to install and maintain a variety of household appliances.Week one of this four week program is the study of the plumbing industry as a whole - an overview and a look at its history and growth. You'll study the basics of plumbing materials and the plumbing science itself. You'll learn about bending tubes, working with pipes and relevant material and become familiar with the various skills of the plumbing trade at which you'll need to become adept. Undertaking a TEFL course in Chiang Mai means studying in a city once voted the second best city in the world to live by the popular website, Travel and Leisure. With a vibrant student community and plethora of bars and eateries, the city is full of young exciting people from all over the world. Many colleges in London will provide a careers advice service for students keen to work during their studies, and will be able to direct them to specific agencies and websites for flexible student employment. The benefits gained by International students even working part-time will not only be monetary, but will also be in the form of vital experience of London work life and by contributing to students communication skills.As a consequence, most students at colleges in London will not find it difficult finding casual, part-time employment without impacting on their studies, in catering, hotel or administrative services, contributing to living expenses. Comparable jobs outside London will certainly not be paid as well, so students in London will be able to work fewer hours per week, accumulate greater earnings during holidays and concentrate enough time towards academic study.